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Cruising through my usual sites on the web today, I continue to find more and more people blogging about JSA & PSA.  JSA & PSA/DNA are the most well known authentication company names in hobby – yet recently their mistakes have been flooding the internet.  



Authentication is a pricey venture for collectors and hobbiests. Often times an items value is based more on an authenticator then the item itself.  Yet, the authentication process is not regulated by any industry.  There is no license, no boards, no ethical guidelines to follow.   How is it exactly that someone becomes an authenticator?  Who states that someone has the proper knowledge or expertise to pass/fail/put a price tag on someone elses collection.

 When I think of professions that are out there, electricians, fireman, police officers, insurance sales wo(men), doctors, nurses, therapists, stock brokers… the list goes on an and on … all require a test of knowledge, a license, and credits to maintain being a valid worker.  And here, the profession of authentication, which has the authority to say: real / not real / worth $5, or $50,000 — requires nothing but starting a business….   

Drew Max of AAU is one of the only authenticators we’ve found that follows ethical guidelines and is certified through the judicial system.  He has been court qualified for the past 12 years as an handwriting expert and forensic document examiner.  It is a breath of fresh air to finally see someone with real credentials making their way into the authentication pool… 

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Your #1 source for authentic historical, Hollywood and sports memorabilia. Vintage photography also specializes in type 1 original photographs. Frank Prisco, owner of the shop, has been in the antique and memorabilia business for over 25 years. Prisco is well versed in 18th century oil paintings, antique furniture, ceramics, original photographs and sports memorabilia from the 30′s and 40′s. Everything in house comes with a full letter of authenticity.